Your Fresh Start!

The new year is a great time for a fresh start! New beginnings can seem scary. However, once you get started, they aren’t as hard as they initially seem, and the benefits often far outweigh the risks. As you think about the possibilities that await you in the new year, ask yourself these three revealing…

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How To Sell Your Career Story

Get ready to kick off 2023 with the Accelerators! We will welcome Geoff Woliner, author, former recruiter, and comedian who will start our year with a few laughs and lots of great information. Learn how to use proven stage techniques to captivate your interviewer, stand out from your competition, and sell your story!

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Organize Your Job Search ~ Nail Your Next Opportunity!

Stephanie Shalofsky posing for a picture and smiling

👉 Join us at our next FREE Event as we welcome Stephanie Shalofsky, CVPO who will share tips that will help you focus on organizing your job search. 👉 STOP WASTING TIME looking for misplaced notes, being distracted by the digital and physical clutter surrounding you, and never having sufficient time to strategize your next…

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Job Seekers Gain Access to a Gold Mine of Knowledge from Alumni

summer of success

Never has it been more important for job seekers to feel that they have a community that will support, guide, and encourage them on their career journey. That is exactly what the Accelerator Community has been for so many! 👉At our most recent SUMMER OF SUCCESS ACCELERATOR EVENT, Job Seekers from around the world had…

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How to Make Networking the Easy Part of Your Social Life.

Happy people jumping

Networking is not just for people who are looking for jobs, and it’s not just for extroverts. Networking opportunities can happen daily, whether you are in a room full of people or online with a group of friends. One of the keys to your career success is the ability to network effectively and make professional…

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What’s Your Personal Brand?

Close-up photo of two hands holding Coca-Cola bottles

Branding When you see Coke’s famous red label, you know immediately what their brand stands for. Just like Coke’s iconic branding, you have a personal brand as well. Do other people know what you stand for? How to Create Your Personal Brand Most of the people you want to meet can be found on LinkedIn,…

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What’s in It for Me? (WIIFM)

A happy guy wearing red sweatshirt

Whether you are revising your resume, creating a cover letter, or preparing for an interview, always keep in mind that the person you want to impress is thinking: What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM) The recruiter or interviewer or hiring manager wants to know the following: Will this person bring value to our organization? How quickly…

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The Power of Gratitude

A man with his arms wide open in a grassland

Today is the perfect time to reflect on what you are grateful for. During trying times, it is easy to forget the little things that help us appreciate our lives. Most people feel happier if they are either giving or receiving thanks. Hearing “thank you” for a job well done makes people feel more fulfilled…

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Get Connected to Get Hired

Woman biting pencil while sitting on chair in front of a laptop

Now is the BEST time to prepare for your future! FACT: Over 80% of new hires will be referred by someone they know to get the job of their dreams. The more people you know, the more likely someone will refer you for your next job opportunity. That is why it is more important than…

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Thanks, but No Thanks

Female professional with hand on chin sitting in front of laptop

Thanks, but no thanks! Even though you may think the interview was awesome, the company you wanted to join may send you a rejection email. It doesn’t feel great to get the “thanks for your interest, but we’ve decided to go with someone else” email. Don’t let this rejection get you down! ♦ Use this opportunity to…

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