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I am looking for a career change and Mindy has been nothing short of amazing! She is direct and gets right to the point. She has updated my resume to look so professional and eye-catching and really has enhanced my LinkedIn profile. I have doubled my views and searches in only 24 hours! She has explained why it is so important to promote myself on LinkedIn and how to stand out from the crowd. She responds in a timely matter and gets the job done! I would highly recommend Mindy to anyone that is looking for a job/career change or simply wants to enhance their networking skills.  M.R. NY, NY

One hour. What can one hour accomplish, right? But one hour with Mindy was like strapping on a rocket. She coached me on how to establish and maintain a strong presence on LinkedIn, and two weeks later I am showing up in searches, my profile reviews are way up and I am getting legitimate job offers. Time well spent indeed. J.M. Brooklyn, NY

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