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At AIM Resource Group, we collaborate with individuals and organizations to support, enhance, and accelerate professional growth. We customize our diverse solutions to meet the needs of our clients in improving their careers and business results.

Our Mission

To Accelerate the Professional Growth of our Clients with Career Search and Leadership Development Coaching Services.

A Good Book to Help You Navigate Your Career Journey

Whether you’re looking for your first job or advancing your career, “You are the CEO of Your Career: Mastering the Job Search in 10 Easy Steps” will guide you through the search process.

The book offers solid information, personal stories, relevant tips, and easy exercises to help accelerate your job search. You can gift this reading material to a recent graduate or keep it for your career growth.

What Our Clients Say

I have doubled my views and searches in only 24 hours

I am looking for a career change, and Mindy has been nothing short of amazing! She is direct and gets right to the point. She has updated my resume to look so professional and eye-catching and really has enhanced my LinkedIn profile.

I have doubled my views and searches in only 24 hours! She has explained why it is so important to promote myself on LinkedIn and how to stand out from the crowd. She responds in a timely matter and gets the job done!

I would highly recommend Mindy to anyone that is looking for a job, career change, or simply wants to enhance their networking skills.

— M.R. Marketing Director

Mindy unlocked the vault to show me what it means to really optimize a LinkedIn profile

Mindy unlocked the vault to show me what it means to really optimize a LinkedIn profile. She shared many tips, suggestions, and best practices for each section of my profile and how to get it set up and working for me.

I used to neglect my profile, but now I understand the value of what it can do for you when you invest the right time and energy. Thanks, Mindy

— M.K. Associate Director of Communications

Inspirational Resolving Conflict Workshop

Mindy, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the inspirational Resolving Conflict Workshop you provided for our managers. You were able to take a difficult topic and keep everyone engaged in the conversation. Your role plays are right on point and each person was able to relate to the situations you provided. Thanks to your workshop our managers have the tools they need to take our organization to the next level. I look forward to the next workshop in the Leadership Series.

— L.M. Training Manager

Mindy was able to teach me to focus my responses…

Mindy is a seasoned professional which shows in the wisdom that she imparts in her coaching sessions. Mindy helped me with interview prep and was extremely insightful in anticipating what the interviewers would be asking me. She also gave me powerful questions to ask my interviewers that they really loved. Mindy was able to teach me to focus my responses in a way that would highlight my value to the company, and it worked because I got called back for a second interview!

— R.S. Project Manager

Now I have a power document to get the attention of employers!

I am so grateful to have met Mindy. In just one session, she was able to give me the guidance I needed to turn my resume around from being just another drab documentation of my work history to a power document that has started getting me the attention of recruiters and employers! Mindy takes the time to really delve deep into your strengths and weaknesses to become a better professional.

Her lengthy experience in the HR world is an incredible asset providing invaluable insight to understanding how to interview well and land the job you want.

— L.G. Senior Business Analyst

My self-confidence has been lifted and I now have a job that I enjoy…

Mindy’s coaching ability has helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses. My self-confidence has been lifted and I now have a job that I enjoy thanks to Mindy’s assistance. I believe that her advice on networking, strengthening my LinkedIn profile and creating goals will be an asset to establishing a fulfilling career.

— G.M. Sales Manager

Workshop feedback has been very positive.

I wanted to express sincere thanks from all of us for your very informative Communication Style Workshop. The attendee feedback has been very positive. Participants have told me that they came away with new knowledge that can be readily implemented into their communication styles for immediate improvement. You made a positive impact on everyone who was in attendance yesterday. Many thanks!

— D.C. HR Director, Staffing Company

If you want a positive experience with a fantastic result, then give Mindy a Call

After my last two experiences with resume writers, I had fingers crossed that “third time was the charm” — thankfully, this came true.

Mindy is and should always be the person to go to for resume and LinkedIn help. I am 100% more confident in the finished product than I previously was. If you want a positive experience with a fantastic result, then give Mindy a call.

— J.B. Senior Global Manager - Digital Transformation

Mindy is a wonderful leadership coach

Mindy is a wonderful leadership coach. She takes the time to get to know you, helps you set goals, and fine tune skills that are necessary to reach those goals. She is an empathetic listener and a constant source of inspiration. I would highly recommend working with Mindy.

— M.H. Clinical Sales Account Manager

Mindy is a great person to hire to change your future.

Mindy has been the most supportive coach for over 250 executives. She coaches people to improve their leadership and communication skills, enhance their interview techniques, develop their LinkedIn profiles, create powerful resumes, and many other tips to accelerate their careers!

​I hired her to write my professional BIO, and it has received rave reviews. Her one-on-one coaching helped me move from consultant to president in a short period of time. Mindy is a great person to hire to change your future.

— C.G. President, ETS Wound Care

Be the Master of Your Career Journey

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