A Robot With its Hands Raised

I am not a Robot!

Lately, I have had many conversations about the value and pitfalls of using ChatGPT (or any Artificial Intelligence AI) to get information. My coaching community is wondering if we will eventually be replaced by ChatGPT🤔.

That got me thinking about the value human coaches can provide.

Here is my response with real answers from me and from ChatGPT:

*Why should you use a human coach when trying to improve your career? *

🤖 AI: I am available 24/7.

👩 Me: Yes, it is true that I sleep, eat, dance, laugh, and think like other humans. I also have experiences and emotions that help me to empathize with my client’s feelings, hopes, and dreams – *because your success is important to me! *

🤖AI: I have been trained on a diverse range of topics and data, allowing me to provide current and accurate information.

👩Me: I am constantly updating my knowledge and networking with subject matter experts to provide the best practices and approaches to support your career growth – *because I understand what is important to you! *

🤖AI: I do not have personal biases or emotions that could influence my coaching approach.

👩Me: I provide a confidential sounding board and love brainstorming solutions to professional issues you cannot resolve yourself. I will be your greatest cheerleader and will root for you with every small success. I will work with you to set realistic goals that empower you to believe in yourself – *because I believe in you! *

🤖AI: I could have written this post in under 1 minute.

👩Me: Yes, it took me longer to write. However, while writing it, I considered how I could best serve my clients when my competition is a robot – *because I care about you! *