What You Need to Know About Resumes in 2023

👉 You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

👉 We welcomed resume expert, Virginia Franco, to answer questions about resumes and LinkedIn. Virginia shared so many great nuggets of learning about tips and tricks for one-of-a-kind resumes and LinkedIn profiles!

Here are a few of her great tips to revamp your content, so you can be one step closer to your career goals for 2023.

👉 Resume Customization:

  • Integrate keywords from the job posting into your resume.
  • Don’t use LinkedIn Resume Builder without customizing it to your specific accomplishments and qualifications.
  • Be mindful of your audience when adding design to your resume.

👉 Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • ChatGPT can help generate ideas for interview prep, comments on LinkedIn, resumes, cover letters, thank you notes, etc.
  • Remember that AI tools are just the beginning of the process.
  • You must customize the AI content, or you will look like every other candidate.
  • New Feature Alert! Add skills directly from the job posting to your profile! Make sure to add these skills to your resume as well.

👉 Let’s Be Clear

  • For career pivoters, make sure your resume is accomplishment driven.
  • Lead with the result to connect the dots for the reader.
  • When listing your tech skills, include those specific to your field.
  • Title and Headline should be clear: What job are you targeting and what makes you a good fit!

👉 ICYMI: In case you missed it, here is the replay of our April 4th event with Virginia Franco: https://youtu.be/PFWiWeGCIxQ

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