What’s Your Personal Brand?


When you see Coke’s famous red label, you know immediately what their brand stands for. Just like Coke’s iconic branding, you have a personal brand as well. Do other people know what you stand for?

How to Create Your Personal Brand Most of the people you want to meet can be found on LinkedIn, an essential networking site for today’s professionals. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile promotes your personal brand with the following “Personal Branding Checklist”:

  • Photo: Upload a clear, recent photo that shows you in professional attire. Avoid blurry images, selfies, and cropped photos that show other people.
  • Build Your Connections: The relationships you build online can last a lifetime. Take a look at your network and ask people you know if you can endorse them for their skills, and they will return the favor by endorsing you.
  • About: Create a value statement that showcases what is unique and valuable about you and your skills. Think about why someone would want to contact you.
  • Contact Info: Keep your email address and phone number current so people can quickly get in touch with you.
  • Activity: You can make sure people know about your personal brand by posting frequently. Find content that is relevant to you and share that content with your connections. Reach out to your network weekly to stay “top of mind.”
  • Volunteer Experience: Join LinkedIn groups that share your interests and add your professional memberships to the Volunteer Experience section.

Be Visible. Be Authentic. Be Yourself.