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How to Make Networking the Easy Part of Your Social Life.

Networking is not just for people who are looking for jobs, and it’s not just for extroverts. Networking opportunities can happen daily, whether you are in a room full of people or online with a group of friends. One of the keys to your career success is the ability to network effectively and make professional connections. Follow these tips to form great networking relationships:

👉* Create personal connections*

It is never too early or too late to start networking. When trying to grow your career, you must first build your relationships. In many cases, a long-term relationship can last longer than your next job. The more solid connections you have, the greater the chances are that one of those people will be able to introduce you to your next opportunity. If you already have an extensive network, think about the quality of your connections and how you can leverage those relationships to find future opportunities.

👉* Build Great Habits*

It takes effort to build relationships. However, if you only reach out to five people each day, you will have the potential to connect with over 1,800 people in one year! Even if only a tiny percentage of people respond to you, your personal outreach program will help you connect to more people than you know today. The more people you reach out to, the more likely someone will think of you the next time there is a perfect opportunity for you.

👉* Be a Superhero *

Once you connect with someone new, consider who that person could benefit from knowing, and then introduce them. You will look like a superhero. Ask if you can endorse them for their skills, and they will return the favor by endorsing you. Follow up with your new connection by inviting them to a virtual coffee and become known as the person who is well connected in your sphere of influence. This will make it natural for your new connection to think of people you should know to form a mutual relationship.

👉*Relationships don’t happen magically*

Be sincere about your desire to build relationships. Relationships don’t magically happen after one meeting. They develop over time with both in-person and virtual meetings. Actively look for people to connect with via LinkedIn or Facebook. Be a good listener to learn what is important to your new connection. Then follow up with an email or phone call. You never know when that relationship will open doors for you months or years later.