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Rank Your Boss On A Scale From 1-5 1/2

I have had bosses that were awesome and bosses that were not quite as awesome.

I learned from all of them.

The managers that I respected and admired most share similar qualities. While they may come from different backgrounds and have unique strengths, their leadership qualities are surprisingly similar.

👉 Why is this important? Leaders, managers, and supervisors have the power to influence those around them and have the opportunity to significantly change lives for the better.

👉 Here are a few essential qualities of leadership:

  • A leader should be ethical and inspirational.
  • A leader should enjoy sharing knowledge and expertise.
  • A leader should be excited about collaborating and learning from others.
  • A leader should be a good mentor and role model.
  • A leader should be focused on appreciating and recognizing the team’s success.

**Most of all, a leader’s goal should be to help others be successful.


  1. One leadership quality
  2. Two leadership qualities
  3. Three leadership qualities
  4. Four leadership qualities
  5. Five leadership qualities

** Give an extra 1/2 point to those leaders who consistently demonstrate the ability to help others be successful.

👉 What qualities do you expect from your leaders?

*Stay memorable, stay top of mind, and stay connected. *