Rank Your Boss On A Scale From 1-5 1/2

Worlds Best Boss Mug

I have had bosses that were awesome and bosses that were not quite as awesome. I learned from all of them. The managers that I respected and admired most share similar qualities. While they may come from different backgrounds and have unique strengths, their leadership qualities are surprisingly similar. 👉 Why is this important? Leaders,…

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39 Encourage and Inspire

It’s amazing how much we can get done simply by opening our minds to something different.You may have reached a plateau in your career, and you want to make a bigger impact.OR you believe that you can achieve more and are ready to transition into a different role.OR you are actively looking for a new…

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Why Use Outplacement Services?

hand shaking

Outplacement services provide guidance to help former employees transition out of the organization and be prepared to re-enter the job market. Outplacement training typically includes topics such as career coaching, personal branding, resume development, interview preparation, building strong networks, and job search resources. Organizations have increasingly found a need for assistance in reducing the trauma…

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