Organize Your Job Search ~ Nail Your Next Opportunity!

Stephanie Shalofsky posing for a picture and smiling

πŸ‘‰ Join us at our next FREE Event as we welcome Stephanie Shalofsky, CVPO who will share tips that will help you focus on organizing your job search. πŸ‘‰ STOP WASTING TIME looking for misplaced notes, being distracted by the digital and physical clutter surrounding you, and never having sufficient time to strategize your next…

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How to Get NOTICED in Today’s Job Market

A woman singing in a concert with yellow spotlights

Now is the BEST time to prepare for your future! Here are 3 things you can do: πŸ‘‰ UPSKILL: Now is the perfect time to improve your marketability. Read job postings carefully to understand the qualifications you need to get your dream job. Then take courses to gain certifications that will enhance your skills. Remember…

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Ask the Recruiter Anything ~ What’s Behind the Curtain?

A banner that says Ask the recruiter Anything

πŸ‘‰ We are pleased to welcome Joe McClung to our next Live Zoom event on October 12th at 11 am ET. This is your opportunity to ASK the RECRUITER ANYTHING. πŸ‘‰Joe McClung is the President of FloodGate Medical, an Executive Recruiting firm in the Medical Device space with the mission to improve lives by uniting…

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