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👉Since 2020, I have offered a 25% discount to people who have purchased MindEdge courses through my website. MindEdge is discontinuing our 25% discount in a few weeks, so this is the best time to purchase any of the courses in the catalog. This month we are featuring the Certificate in Business Communications. 👉SUMMARY: Communicating…

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Do Interviews Leave You Feeling That You Are Too Old For The Job?

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👉 Unfortunately, ageism is alive and well in the workplace. Age-related bias (whether it is conscious or unconscious) can become painfully apparent during the interview process. How can you respond to age-related interview questions to show you are a great candidate for the job, not despite your years of experience but because of your experience?…

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How to Have Meaningful Conversations Even When You Are Busy

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👉It is becoming increasingly difficult to have meaningful conversations. Texts, emails, and social media are commonplace distractions and hamper our ability to engage in productive conversations. This can be incredibly frustrating when colleagues are trying to resolve work issues. Follow these 5 STEPS to improve your communication strategy: Step #1 Focus: Multitasking may be acceptable…

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Accelerators Share Brilliant Insider Information

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TAPPING INTO THE COMMUNITY Community is often defined as a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. I am so honored to have supported the jobseeking community with coaching, education, and insight since 2014. 👉At our August event job seekers had an amazing opportunity to ask questions…

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Five Trade Secrets of Awesomely Successful People

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Successful people approach their personal and professional life with clear direction and unwavering focus. Integrate the following tips into your daily routine, and you will be more likely to meet with success in your career and life. 1. Set Goals and Commit to Achieving Them – Successful people set specific short-term goals that ultimately lead the way…

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