Do You Believe You Will Use a TRIPTIK on Your Next Journey?

I didn’t think so…

Once I got my first GPS, it changed how I thought about car trips.

I began to trust the GPS guidance and was soon traveling with ease without depending on paper maps.

Now let’s think about your job search.

Are you still using antiquated methods to try to find your next role?

How’s that working for you?

Here are a few ways to make your Career GPS (Grow Professional Success) work for you!

👉 Review your LinkedIn profile. Does your Headline convey what you do? Does your About section tell the reader why you do what you do? Is your Experience section updated with your current information and skills?

👉 Take a look at your LinkedIn profile picture. Is it professional and flattering? Do you look approachable? If not, take a good-quality photo and improve your profile immediately.

👉 Stay Top of Mind. Post regularly on LinkedIn to gain credibility and broaden your network. Find interesting content and share it with your network.

👉 Reach Out. Reach out to LinkedIn connections you haven’t spoken to in a while and schedule some time to talk. You never know when you will learn something or your next big opportunity will present itself.

Your competition is hard at work trying to get noticed!

I am happy to help you with Interview Prep, Resume Development, and LinkedIn Profile Optimization.

Remain positive and be proactive about your career journey.

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