Catholic Guardian Services has embarked on a comprehensive skilling-up of our management team, across the organization, involving 142 managers who are broadly geographically distributed, receiving 6 power-packed skill modules. With Mindy Stern at the helm, our managers are receiving practical knowledge and up-to-date skills in how to communicate, motivate, coach, assess, and respect their employees so as to maximize each employee’s contributions to the organization. Each training session is followed by a separate coaching session to allow our team to operationalize what they have learned in the class, process what has happened back at the work site, and receive additional technical assistance and positive peer support. Mindy has received enormously positive accolades and they are well deserved. Her seasoned and practical insights, attunement to our organizational culture, and active listening skills bring added positive elements to the training experience. I feel quite certain that our staff are receiving excellent high performance management skills training, thanks to Mindy and the AIM Resource Group.


Craig Longley
Executive Director
Catholic Guardian Services