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Central Queens YM & YWHA

Mindy Stern presented her Career Transitions “What’s Your Story” for participants in the workforce program at the Central Queens Y.  She was professional, engaging and inspiring. My clients left the workshop feeling energized and motivated to jump start their job search!  She is a “class act” who provided valuable information and insight in a “warm and nurturing ” way.  I highly recommend her services.

Carolyn Weinstein, LMSW
Queens Career Connect
Central Queens YM & YWHA

Catholic Guardian Services

Catholic Guardian Services has embarked on a comprehensive skilling-up of our management team, across the organization, involving 142 managers who are broadly geographically distributed, receiving 6 power-packed skill modules. With Mindy Stern at the helm, our managers are receiving practical knowledge and up-to-date skills in how to communicate, motivate, coach, assess, and respect their employees so as to maximize each employee’s contributions to the organization. Each training session is followed by a separate coaching session to allow our team to operationalize what they have learned in the class, process what has happened back at the work site, and receive additional technical assistance and positive peer support. Mindy has received enormously positive accolades and they are well deserved. Her seasoned and practical insights, attunement to our organizational culture, and active listening skills bring added positive elements to the training experience. I feel quite certain that our staff are receiving excellent high performance management skills training, thanks to Mindy and the AIM Resource Group.


Craig Longley
Executive Director
Catholic Guardian Services  

Services Now for Adult Persons


On behalf of the SNAP Community Business Partnership and the SNAP staff I want to thank you for the awesome Communicating With Style presentation you gave us last week.  I have received terrific feedback from all the participants and I know that everyone learned how to listen and communicate a little better. It was very informative and your insights and real life stories really made an impression on the participants. Thanks again for all the time you devote to SNAP as a member on both our Executive Board and Community Business Partnership.  You help us to bring the business and social service communities together in a meaningful way. 

Warm regards,

Paola Miceli

SNAP President & CEO

Services Now for Adult Persons

Communicating With Style Workshop is Outstanding!


Thank you for your really informative and outstanding Communicating With Style workshop. The group truly enjoyed your talk and learned a lot of information that can easily be applied at home or at the workplace.  I would definitely recommend you to others who want to learn how to communicate better.  Thank you again and again! M.T. Incoming President HHJC Sisterhood

Clear, Concise and Thorough!

LSA3 2016

Thank you for sharing your knowledge of effective employment practices. I received lots of practical information that I can use as soon as I return to work. The presentation was clear, concise and thorough… I especially liked the interactive discussions. I really appreciate the depth and breadth of your experience and knowledge.  Thanks so much!  DG Pre-School Director


Mindy, You are the best and I want to let you know I got a job….Yaaaay!  And it was all because of your workshop.  I know this for sure, since as soon as I redid my resume with your suggestions I immediately got interest and a job from my first interview.  Thanks a million Mindy, you are really great and I told everyone how beneficial and worthwhile your services are.

H.P. Case Manager at IEM/Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery

I loved the Secrets of Successful Networkers Webinar!


I really enjoyed the Networking Webinar today and learned so much! I loved, loved, loved the concept to stop focusing on “business networking” and think of what you can provide in a relationship!  Thinking of it that way makes it so much easier to have a conversation.   J.T. VP HR Medical Insurance Company

NY Rising Thanks AIM!

Outplacement 3.18.16

On behalf of the entire NY Rising Housing Recovery Program team who participated in the Roadmap To Success Outplacement Workshop, I would like to express my deepest appreciation for all of the information and knowledge you gave to us. Not only do we now have more skills but we also feel more confident as we re-enter the job market.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Site Manager/Project lead
NY Rising Housing Recovery Program
Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery
Farmingdale, Lawrence, & Island Park NY

Great resume and cover letter that will catch a recruiter’s attention!

Thanks to your guidance as a career coach I have acquired many skills that I know will serve me well in my search for employment. During our time together I have learned how to turn a negative into a positive and how to leave a strong positive impression on the interviewer.

I am especially proud to have a great resume and cover letter that will catch a recruiter’s attention.
Thank you again for all that you’ve done. Your assistance has been invaluable.
– AD Administrative Assistant

Helped me find the self-confidence I have been missing

Mindy, I just wanted let you know that working with you has really helped me find the self-confidence I have been missing. It’s truly amazing to me what we accomplished in just a few weeks. All of our coaching sessions have great, but today’s interview role play was fantastic. I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for helping me to realize that I am unique and the right position is out there for me. – LB Marketing Specialist

Inspirational Resolving Conflict Workshop

Mindy, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the inspirational Resolving Conflict Workshop you provided for our managers. You were able to take a difficult topic and keep everyone engaged in the conversation. Your role plays are right on point and each person was able to relate to the situations you provided. Thanks to your workshop our managers have the tools they need to take our organization to the next level. I look forward to the next workshop in the Leadership Series. – LM Training Manager

Very knowledgeable about the latest trends in the marketplace.

Dear Mindy, Thank you so very much for presenting the Career Workshop to the Long Island Job Seekers. I truly enjoyed your presentation since you are obviously very knowledgeable about the latest trends in the marketplace. I also want to thank you for your very wise advice regarding the resumes of the group. – NW Co-Chair of the LI Job Seekers Group

Mindy was able to teach me to focus my responses…

Mindy is a seasoned professional which shows in the wisdom that she imparts in her coaching sessions. Mindy helped me with interview prep and was extremely insightful in anticipating what the interviewers would be asking me. She also gave me powerful questions to ask my interviewers that they really loved. Mindy was able to teach me to focus my responses in a way that would highlight my value to the company, and it worked because I got called back for a second interview! – RS Career Seeker

Incredible Communication Styles Workshop!

Schneps Communications Feb 2015Thanks so much for the incredible Communication Styles Workshop. Every member of the team took valuable information away from your class that will be used both at work and in our personal lives. – CL Newspaper Editor

Now I have a power document to get the attention of employers!

I am so grateful to have met Mindy. In just one session, she was able to give me the guidance I needed to turn my resume around from being just another drab documentation of my work history to a power document that has started getting me the attention of recruiters and employers! Mindy takes the time to really delve deep into your strengths and weaknesses to become a better professional.

Her lengthy experience in the HR world is an incredible asset providing invaluable insight to understanding how to interview well and land the job you want. LG Jamaica Estates, NY

I got the job of my dreams!

I wanted to thank you for all your help and expertise to get the job of my dreams! I think I needed a formal push in the right direction and you were exactly that for me. I’m really looking forward to this significant change in my career and I couldn’t have asked to land in a better spot.

It’s quite fortuitous (for my sake) that we met when we did. Mindy, I can’t thank you enough. BL Great Neck, NY

My self-confidence has been lifted and I now have a job that I enjoy…

Mindy’s coaching ability has helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses. My self-confidence has been lifted and I now have a job that I enjoy thanks to Mindy’s assistance. I believe that her advice on networking, strengthening my LinkedIn profile and creating goals will be an asset to establishing a fulfilling career. – G.M. Sales Associate

Her critiques and advice were invaluable.

The effectiveness of the work Mindy does can be seen immediately. Her critiques and advice were invaluable to refocusing my resume and aiding my career transition. Her expertise and insight into the mind of hiring managers really forced me to change my approach to my job search. Furthermore, her networking connections and strong industry relationships are truly valuable. I’m grateful I met Mindy and look forward to working with her again in the future. – D.B. Job Seeker

Workshop feedback has been very positive.

I wanted to express sincere thanks from all of us for your very informative Communication Style Workshop. The attendee feedback has been very positive.  Participants have told me that they came away with new knowledge that can be readily implemented into their communication styles for immediate improvement. You made a positive impact on everyone who was in attendance yesterday. Many thanks!  D.C. HR Director, Staffing Company


I simply wanted it all!

I was looking at inefficiency’s in my business and in myself.  I was looking to be better, to be happy in my endeavors, to be more efficient in my day to day business. I simply wanted it all!  I brought my list to Mindy and she agreed to take me on as a client and become my business coach.  Her services have been invaluable.  She listens with both ears, her intentions are pure, her advise and guidance are incredibly spot on and she is shifting my life, correcting my inefficiencies and helping me define what is important to me. She helping me to achieve the best I can be in all aspects of my life.   And that was just in the first few weeks! I look forward to creating the life of my dreams and with her help and some work, there is no stopping me.  C.W. Owner Business Solutions


Your feedback on my mock interview was truly valuable.

Mindy, your feedback on my mock interview was truly valuable. You highlighted the importance of emphasizing the qualities that differentiate me as a candidate – you noted when I’d successfully done so in the interview, and offered insights into how I can do so more effectively. You helped me craft strong, rhetorically sound responses that I think will really help set me above the other candidates. Your advice to be bold about sharing my accomplishments helped me go into my interview with confidence! A.B. Certified ESL Teacher

A tremendous asset to the success of our company.

Mindy was instrumental in streamlining our policies and procedures resulting in an increase in productivity and profitability, which can be of great value to any company utilizing her services. Her experience in the areas of training and development, project management, recruiting and staffing and regulatory compliance, to name a few, have been a tremendous asset to the success of our company. L.C. Chairman of the Board, Financial Services Company

Mindy was able to mediate a reasonable solution. . .what a difference!

When two of my managers could not figure out how to get along with each other I was at my wits end. Their negativity was beginning to impact both of their teams and the infighting was affecting company morale. Mindy was able to mediate a reasonable solution with them and has continued coaching the teams to make sure we stay positive and productive. What a difference! Thanks Mindy. P.M. Business Manager, Staffing Company

Instrumental in leading the organizational efforts to successfully integrate large interdisciplinary workforces.

Mindy has been a tremendous asset, assisting me manage several large and complex businesses. Her knowledge of the human resource function was instrumental in leading the organizational efforts to successfully recruit, hire, onboard, train, coach, motivate, compensate and retain large interdisciplinary workforces. Her leadership in these areas directly impacted the growth and profitability of the businesses I managed. A.G. President (retired), Financial Funding Corporation

Extremely professional, efficient, and supportive.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mindy on various HR-related issues and I have found her to be extremely professional, efficient, and supportive. I would highly recommend Mindy’s services to an organization. M.E. Compliance Manager, Financial Services Company

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