May 2020
Mindy Stern SPHR, ACC

I am often asked why I wrote my book. I can assure you that it was not for fame or fortune. As far as fame goes, my book is one of the thousands in the Job-Hunting category according to Amazon. I don’t think I will be seeing You Are the CEO of Your Career – Mastering the Job Search in 10 Easy Steps on the New York Times bestseller list any time soon. And let’s talk about fortune for a moment. Anyone who begins writing a book because they think they will become a rich author is probably kidding themselves. I expect that at the end of the day, I will have spent more money on publishing and promoting the book than I will ever earn from the sales.

So, what inspired me to spend over two years thinking about, creating, problem-solving, writing, re-writing, editing, formatting, and agonizing over my book? Two important motivators that enabled me to reach my publishing goal were serving others and creating sustainability.

Serving others was my first motivator. As my career coaching practice grew, it became clear to me that my clients needed a roadmap to follow in addition to the coaching time we spent together. The job search can be daunting, and the more people I had the privilege of coaching, the more I knew that my book had to be written. I now use the book to enhance the coaching experience for my clients and provide them with a resource to accelerate their career journey.

Creating sustainability was my second motivator. When I began building my coaching business it was important to me to create something that was both meaningful and sustainable. Ironically, the two years I spent writing the book coincided with the most personally challenging time of my life. In retrospect, I now know that writing my book enabled me to maintain my focus on my business, in the midst of the chaos I was experiencing. My desire to create meaningful ways to connect and build trust with my clients also helped me to navigate through a time of great disruption and uncertainty.

Here is my recipe for anyone who believes that they have a story to tell, and aspires to be a published author:

Take 1 cup of inspiration, add 1 tablespoon of courage, and mix in equal parts of determination, fortitude, and resilience. Gently fold in flexibility, patience, and stamina and mix well. Bake at high heat for 2 years, garnish with a little pride, and then enjoy!