• Most people have trouble answering the tough questions that interviewers will ask.
  • When you work with us you will spend time in a safe environment to learn how to answer any question with confidence. 
  • Using the same technology that recruiters use during virtual interviews we will work together to practice mock interviews, learn how to answer behavioral interview and STAR questions, and discuss interview strategy to get the job offers you want.

If you want us to help you to tell your career story then .

Networking Guidance

  • Did you know that 80% of open job positions are never posted on the job boards?
  • How you find those HIDDEN JOBS is the key to moving forward in your job search.
  • Networking is one way to find the HIDDEN JOBS.
  • Everyone can learn how to effectively network.

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What Our Clients Say

I appreciate Mindy’s clear communication style, honesty, and sincere dedication to helping. My interaction with Mindy “woke me up” and helped me to understand myself more, how to “put myself out there” especially for a job search, and to not be afraid to be confident of my capabilities. The resume and interview coaching was right on the money and immensely valuable. Thank you, Mindy! Jeff L. Logistics Manager


What Our Clients Say

Making the commitment to seek a new job or change careers can feel quite daunting. Having the right person to guide you through the process, help you avoid the not-so-obvious pitfalls, and show you how to shine a brighter light on the best version of yourself is more than a job search luxury, it’s an outright necessity. Mindy has been that guide for me. Rather quickly, she reworked my resumé, revamped my LinkedIn profile and gave me the insight I needed to interview with confidence. I was able to apply to positions that will take my career to the next level and I am grateful to Mindy for all of her skillful support.  I quickly got a job I love after working with Mindy. Interested in making a career change? Reach out to Mindy ASAP! Eliot C. VP Marketing