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Human Resources Benefit Available to LSA Members!

Human Resources support through an HR Hotline has become a popular benefit for LSA member schools. As school leaders deal with employee-related concerns, this service offers education and advice to help schools avoid penalties and employee discord. Consultation by Mindy Stern, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, ACC, a trusted HR advisor, career coach, author, speaker and president of AIM Resource Group Inc., includes three components:

Mindy, We are very grateful for the insight, advice and counsel you have given us over the past year.  We really needed you to jump start our HR efforts and we are better for your help.  Please know how grateful we are for your wonderful guidance.
~Marsh Luther Drege, Executive Director Seafarer’s International House


Human Resource Consulting Services

In today’s competitive marketplace, every successful company needs to have a great image, brand, and reputation. Your employees are the face of your company and represent your brand. Managing your human resources effectively is an investment that can increase efficiency and improve the performance of your company. We work with you to maximize your company’s business results by adding our expertise without the need to increase your staff.

HR Support: As organizations grow, there is a greater need to be informed and to act according to federal and state regulations to reduce the organization’s risk and encourage a respectful workplace. Receive access to expert HR advice that may help you avoid penalties or employee discord without the need to add staff.

HR Hotline: HR support when you need it to reduce costs and provide a consistent approach to HR solutions.

  • Hiring practices and interviewing guidelines
  • Performance Management – getting the best out of your staff
  • Recognition and Accountability
  • Progressive Discipline – recognizing problematic behaviors
  • When you must terminate, how to do it right
  • Employee Handbooks – do you need one and what should be included?
  • Valuable resources to help manage employment matters
  • Defining and understanding harassment and discrimination
  • Understanding employer and employee responsibilities regarding harassment and discrimination   

Onboarding Programs: Hiring effective new employees is one of the most important functions of the Human Resource team. We will collaborate with your team to develop a comprehensive onboarding program that will accelerate new employees’ productivity and improve ongoing employee engagement. 

Mentorship Programs: The mentoring experience provides a positive work environment, leading to increased job satisfaction, reduced turnover, and improved customer service outcomes. Let us lead the way to provide this amazing opportunity to your teams.

Leadership Development: Successful organizations invest in developing their staff and continuously look for ways to improve productivity. We provide virtual individual and group coaching opportunities as well as leadership development workshops that can be customized to suit your organization’s needs.  Learn more about Leadership Workshops and Group Coaching.

Valuable HR Resource LibraryClick here to find valuable resources that will help you manage your Human Resources



Can your organization benefit from HR Consulting services?

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Mindy was instrumental in streamlining our policies and procedures resulting in an increase in productivity and profitability, which can be of great value to any company utilizing her services. Her experience in the areas of training and development, project management, recruiting and staffing and regulatory compliance, to name a few, have been a tremendous asset to the success of our company. ~ L.C. Chairman of the Board, Financial Services Company