When the COVID-19 crisis is over, how will you remember the time you spent while the whole country was social distancing? Will it be a blur of days waiting for the “return to normal”? Or will it be a time of rejuvenation, reflection, and positive energy to achieve something great? Here are some ways to keep the positive energy flowing:

Ways to care for others:

  1.   Reach out to neighbors and friends to see if they need help.
  2.   Donate to your favorite charities.
  3.   Volunteer in your community.
  4.   Stay in touch with people who live alone.
  5.   Host a virtual get-together with your colleagues, relatives, and friends.
  6.   Reconnect with friends or relatives who have moved away.

Ways to care for yourself:

  1.   Start a gratitude journal. If you’ve always wanted to journal, now is a good time to start. It is very comforting to think of things you are grateful for in the midst of anxiety. What are you grateful for?
  2.   Gain a New Skill with Online Learning. This is the perfect time to gain a new skill through online learning. Whether you are learning a new language or gaining a certification that will take you further in your career, there are many opportunities to advance your learning while keeping your brain active.
  3.   Improve your LinkedIn profile. Now is a great time to refresh your LinkedIn profile. Share an article, reach out to your contacts and add them to your connections, add certifications you have achieved, or give a recommendation for someone who has helped you in your career.
  4.   Build your strength. Building your physical strength is powerful and health-boosting! It makes you feel more motivated when you start your day with your favorite type of exercise.
  5.   Clean house. Get organized and unclutter your home to exert some control over your life. Take the opportunity to donate the stuff you don’t need to someone who could make good use of it. Plus, it’ll feel amazing to have more space in your clean home.
  6.   Be kind. Communicating with kindness and compassion is very powerful. When you show kindness to yourself and others you can help alleviate fear and anxiety.

If you choose to make the best of a difficult situation, you’ll find a way. When the COVID-19 crisis is over you’ll be proud that you made the effort to learn a new skill, practice compassion and express gratitude daily.

Stay safe, remain positive and be proactive about your health and your career goals.