Be Prepared for “NEW NORMAL” Interview Questions!

👉The professional world as we knew it before COVID-19 has changed. Companies are hiring and have changed the way they recruit and interview. In addition to interviewing virtually, the questions candidates will be asked have changed as well.

👉If you are looking for a new job it’s essential to be prepared for the “new normal” interview questions. In addition to knowing your strengths and weaknesses, companies want to know how you are handling the pandemic and how you cope with uncertainty. Here are a few questions to prepare for:

  1. Can you work with minimal supervision?

Be prepared to provide concrete examples of how you stay self-motivated to be productive when you are working remotely. Employers want to know that you can quickly understand the goals of the organization and make a positive impact. You should give examples of times that you went above and beyond to complete assignments and provide value to your organization.

  1. How comfortable are you with remote work?

Before COVID-19, many companies did not encourage telecommuting and most professionals had never experienced what it was like to work from home for long periods of time. That dynamic has changed. For the foreseeable future, most companies will have some variations of work from home options for their employees. Make sure that you have examples ready for your interviewers that showcase your flexibility, adaptability and willingness to go with the flow while completing tasks responsibly.

  1. How have you spent your time during quarantine?

It is important to illustrate a few ways you have been productive during the pandemic. Interviewers may want to know whether you’ve been able to keep your skills sharp. Explain to your interviewer how you’ve been using your time to invest in your career. This could include completing an online course or participating in a virtual networking event or volunteering for a nonprofit organization.

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👉Use this time to improve your skills and show your future employer that you were proactive about your career growth during the pandemic.

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