When we complain about not having enough time in our day, we are really talking about the inability to prioritize what’s MOST important and eliminate or reduce what isn’t. If you can learn how to effectively manage your time, you can stop feeling overwhelmed and focus on being more creative and productive. 

Try these 5 tips to become more productive and enjoy each day!

1 – KNOW YOUR PERSONAL TIME WASTERS.  Write down how much time you spend on each task for one week. Then analyze the tasks that take the most time. When you see how much time you’re spending on a specific task you may choose to spend that time differently or find more effective ways to accomplish the same thing. Take some time to discover technology tools that will help you organize your tasks. 

2 – PRIORITIZE AND PRIORITIZE AGAIN.  Make sure that your tasks are aligned with your goals. When you know your long and short-term goals, it is easier to decide which tasks should be prioritized each day. Since goals change over time, make sure that your priorities reflect those changes.

3 – SET A TIMER WHEN USING SOCIAL MEDIA. It’s easy to get drawn into the wide variety of information on the internet. There are pictures to view, interesting links to open and updates from friends and colleagues. Before we know it an hour or more has passed and we end up scrambling to finish the task we started to do. Sometimes the time spent on the internet is positive because it may energize us or give us the opportunity to connect with others. Other times it is just another Time Waster! The trick is to do it CONSCIOUSLY. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, set a time limit and then enjoy guilt-free internet time.

4 – CHALLENGE THE INTERRUPTIONS. We tend to assume interruptions are important and therefore may become distracted from what we are currently doing. While we can’t stop emails and texts from arriving or people from interrupting us with phone calls or unplanned visits, we CAN change how we respond. So, PAUSE before responding and ask yourself, “Is this interruption more important than what I’m currently doing?” OR can it wait until another time? Then set up a schedule to respond on YOUR timetable.

5 – TOP 3. Make a list at the end of each day of the top three things you want to accomplish the next day. The items you prioritize could be anything from sending birthday wishes, to completing a project or writing a blog post. Then make a commitment to start each day by completing the top three items on your list before anything else interferes.