When I was laid off from a job I had loved for many years, I felt betrayed and lost. A close friend suggested that I start documenting my career journey. Once I started my career journal, I knew that I could make a difference in my own career as well as help others who were struggling.

👉 Here is what I learned: To accelerate your job search, it is essential to keep a positive, action-oriented attitude. When you are separated from a routine that you have become accustomed to you may feel like you have lost a piece of your identity that includes being part of a team and having a sense of purpose.

👉 Rather than spending your energy wondering “why me?” put together a list of action items that you must complete each day. Use a team approach to maximize your time and minimize your frustration.

👉Assemble the best team possible. Here are some team members that will help you succeed:

The Career Coach. Use the expertise of someone who has extensive experience in the job market to help you create your marketing materials. There are 3 essential tools needed to get to the next level of your career – your resume, your cover letter, and your LinkedIn Profile. Ask your coach to review your materials before you start sending them out into the world. Then work with your coach to design the best search strategy to accelerate your search.

The Recruiter. Select a few recruiters who specialize in your targeted field. Then speak with them to make sure that they understand the skills and the experience you will bring to your next employer. Build your relationships with your selected recruiters by keeping in touch with them weekly to stay top of mind.

The Influencer. Find people who influence your industry. Follow them on LinkedIn and share relevant content with your connections. Remember to add your point of view when you share or comment on posts to show that you are a credible resource for others.

The Job-Seeking Community. Networking works! Network and share resources with like-minded people who are also looking for their next job. Actively participate in networking groups to strengthen your communication and leadership skills, serve your community, and build relationships that go beyond the job search. Kudos to those people who have generously offered to participate in virtual support groups that provide a safe and effective way for job seekers to get valuable leads and resources.

👉Your new job is to brand and market yourself. Approach the job search with the same imagination, discipline, and sense of adventure you would approach any new job. 

Who is on your team?