One year after COVID-19 arrived in the US, the workplace looks different and so do I.
Do you look a little different too?

👉After 5 years of looking at the same profile picture on LinkedIn, I was very attached to my headshot. It was hard to think about making a change (I almost named this article “Leaving Your Comfort Zone”).

However, after the third person said to me, “I don’t recognize you” I knew I had to do something. I had no idea how to select the best photo. So I reached out to my resources and someone recommended Photofeeler, which proved to be an amazing experience.

👉Once you upload your photo on Photofeeler, anonymous people will tell you what they think of your picture in terms of competency, likeability, and ability to influence others. If you want to see all my scores check out the picture above. The winner in all 3 categories is the picture I will start to use whenever I need to share a headshot.

👉If you can honestly say that your profile picture looks like you, that is awesome! If not, this is a great time to update your LinkedIn headshot so your future boss and ZOOM networking partners can recognize you.

👉Your profile picture is your first impression to over 600 million LinkedIn members. Studies show that LinkedIn profiles with headshots are viewed up to 14 times more often than those without pictures. Here are a few tips to improve your LinkedIn profile headshot:

1.   It’s important to look professional and approachable.

2.   Your face should occupy at least 80% of the space allowed.

3.   Your photo should be current and reflect how you look today.

4.   Make sure that your smile looks natural and relaxed.

5.   Don’t use a selfie, no matter how great you think it looks.

Be brave ~ make the change!

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Stay safe, remain positive, and be proactive about your career journey.

With warm regards,