LinkedIn is the most powerful marketing tool that job seekers have. Unfortunately, many people are not using it well. 

FACT: According to LinkedIn, All-Star profiles are 40x more likely to receive job opportunities. Since 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their #1 search tool to find candidates, it is smart to spend some time improving your LinkedIn profile.

How can you be sure your LinkedIn Profile is complete? If your Profile Strength does not state All-Star status, your profile is not complete.

Include the following items to get to All-Star status:

PROFILE PICTURE: Your picture is your first impression to the LinkedIn universe. LinkedIn users who include a photo receive 21x more profile views than users without one.  

HEADLINE: A great headline will allow you to appear in more searches and stand out from others who appear in those searches. Target the keywords in your headline to your desired job to draw the attention of recruiters.

CONNECTIONS: You must have a minimum of 50 connections to qualify for All-Star status. Connect to 5 people a day to make an impact.

YOUR LOCATION: When editing your profile, make sure to enter your country, zip code, and industry. Many recruiters search by location and industry.

ABOUT: Tell people what you do and why you do it. Remember to include a Call-To-Action to remind readers how to contact you and why they should contact you.

EXPERIENCE: Listing your current position and at least 2 past positions will increase your profile views 29X. Do not simply copy your resume, but do use a few key bullet points to highlight your achievements.

EDUCATION: Including your college information allows fellow alumni to find and connect with you. This is especially important for recent college grads who are eager to break into a specific industry.

SKILLS: List at least 5 skills in your skills section. LinkedIn reports that users with 5 skills or more are contacted up to 33x more by recruiters.

RECOMMENDATIONS: It is best to have at least 2-3 recommendations from people you worked with who can explain in their own words why you are so awesome.

If you have questions about how to use LinkedIn to accelerate your job search, Click here to schedule some time to brainstorm.

Remain positive and be proactive about your career goals.