YES! Interviews are happening, even during the COVID-19 crisis. For the past few weeks, we have been using video conferencing technology with friends, colleagues and family to remain connected. We know that for the near future job interviews will be held via video. Even after we emerge from this crisis, you can be sure that recruiters will be including remote interviews into their hiring processes. Here are 6 tips that will help you to ace your interview whether you’re connecting via Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or some other technology. 

1.      Ssh! Make sure that there are no noisy distractions during your interview. Choose a location away from family and pets, and close the door if at all possible.

2.      Do a background check.  When you are using video technology your interviewers can see what is behind you. Think about what they will see in your background and avoid weird images, childhood memorabilia, mirrors or reflective surfaces. 

3.      Let the light shine! Don’t conduct your interview in a dark room. Adjust lighting to make sure you have good light shining in front of you and from behind your screen. 

4.      Don’t be camera shy. Make sure your camera is at eye level for a flattering look. You can do this by placing your laptop on top of a book or changing your chair height.

5.      Dress for success. Dress as if you were going to an in-person interview. You will feel more confident and your interviewers will appreciate your effort to look good. 

6.      Don’t be too close and personal. If you are too close to the camera it will feel uncomfortable, and if you are too far from the camera it will be difficult to see and hear you. Position yourself about 2 feet away from the camera for a perfect balance.

What additional tips can you share with others?