One of my favorite jobs was working as a recruiter for a staffing agency. One of the tasks I enjoyed most was trying to match resumes to open jobs that needed to be filled. I eagerly looked at each resume with high hopes. However, I was often disappointed in the skills of the candidates and the quality of their resumes. I have read thousands of resumes and many of them were either filled with typos or seemed disconnected to the job the candidate was applying for.

Recruiters typically spend under 10 seconds reviewing a resume before deciding to discard or keep it. If you want the interview, make sure your resume is worth the recruiters’ time investment.

Here are a few reasons why your resume may not be read:

  1. It’s too long. Keep irrelevant or outdated information off the resume. Most resumes should be 1 – 2 pages at maximum.
  2. It has typos. Misspelled words and poor grammar tell the recruiter that you don’t care enough to edit and correct your resume. This also reflects poorly on what type of employee you will be.
  3. It’s not relevant. If your resume does not include keywords that are specific to the job posting, it will not get read.

If you dread updating your resume, there is no need to feel frustrated. Send your resume to and I will be happy to give you FREE recommendations to improve it instantly. If it is great, I’ll tell you that too.