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Mindy was an extremely valuable resource when I was searching for a job during the COVID-19 pandemic. She used her expertise to help me navigate the challenging career search process, and had great advice on how to optimize my LinkedIn profile and resume for recruiters and talent acquisition teams. Mindy walked me through strategies to develop my online voice and help articulate the story I wanted to tell through all written medium (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, etc.). Her help exceeded my expectations and I was able to land a job much sooner than I thought! I would highly recommend Mindy to anyone who is in the market for a new job and/or career change! M.W. New York, NY

Our Career Service specialties include:

  • Job Search Coaching – Studies show people who get job search coaching get hired 2X faster than those who have no coaching. Why? Because when you have a coach you get the tools you need to stay focused and engaged. Just as professional athletes use coaches to accelerate their skills, so should job seekers. Learning to use tools correctly to get your next job is not just smart, it is necessary for today’s competitive job market! The job search process can be daunting. If you want a coach who has the experience you need to accelerate your job search results and the desire to help you reach your goals, then click here.
  • Interview Preparation – Most people have trouble answering the tough questions that interviewers will ask. When you work with us you will spend time in a safe environment to learn how to answer any question with confidence. Using the same technology that recruiters use during virtual interviews (Zoom, Facetime, etc.), we will work together to practice mock interviews, learn how to answer behavioral interview and STAR questions, and discuss interview strategy to get the job offers you want. If you want us to help you to tell your career story then click here.
  • Resume Development – How can you get the job of your dreams if your resume doesn’t represent your accomplishments well? The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that most companies use to select candidates has very specific rules about which resumes will move forward and which resumes will be discarded. You don’t need to be an expert to have an expertly written resume. Let us polish your resume to make it outshine your competition. Within a few days, you can have a powerful resume that you can be proud of. If you want a FREE review of your resume, click here to complete the Resume Development Survey.
  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover – Wouldn’t it be great if someone contacted you with a new job opportunity? That can happen with a few changes to your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile is the most important tool available in today’s job market. Let us give your LinkedIn profile a makeover that will improve your visibility and increase your job offers! We can help you OPTIMIZE your LinkedIn profile to represent you and your achievements in the best possible way so that recruiters will find you! Click here to learn more.
  • Cover Letter Development – Your cover letter will introduce you to your new employer and will begin the interview process. Employers are 40 percent more likely to read a resume with a cover letter. Let us help you make it great with keywords and bullet points that will WOW the hiring team. Click here to learn more.
  • Networking Guidance – Did you know that 80% of open job positions are never posted on the job boards? How you find those HIDDEN JOBS is the key to moving forward in your job search. Networking is one way to find the HIDDEN JOBS. Everyone can learn how to effectively network. Let us show you how easy this can be. Click here to learn more.
  • Bios/Career Summaries – Many people are now being asked to provide a summary of their career. It may be for a sales presentation, or to serve on a board of directors, or for an annual report, or instead of a resume. If you would like to own a professional BIO that describes your career in a powerful way, we have the expertise to design and create YOUR BIO in a few days. Owning a professional BIO is the next step in your career. Click here to learn more.


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Mindy, You are the best and I want to let you know I got a job….Yaaaay!  And it was all because of your workshop.  I know this for sure, since as soon as I redid my resume with your suggestions I immediately got interest and a job from my first interview.  Thanks a million Mindy, you are really great and I told everyone how beneficial and worthwhile your services are.

~ H.P. Case Manager at IEM/Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery

Thanks to your guidance as a career coach I have acquired many skills that I know will serve me well in my search for employment. During our time together I have learned how to turn a negative into a positive and how to leave a strong positive impression on the interviewer.

I am especially proud to have a great resume and cover letter that will catch a recruiter’s attention.
Thank you again for all that you’ve done. Your assistance has been invaluable.
 ~ AD Administrative Assistant

I am so grateful to have met Mindy. In just one session, she was able to give me the guidance I needed to turn my resume around from being just another drab documentation of my work history to a power document that has started getting me the attention of recruiters and employers! Mindy takes the time to really delve deep into your strengths and weaknesses to become a better professional.

Her lengthy experience in the HR world is an incredible asset providing invaluable insight to understanding how to interview well and land the job you want. ~ LG Jamaica Estates, NY

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