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Successful organizations invest in developing their staff and continuously look for ways to improve productivity. The topics below are examples of the types of group coaching and leadership development workshops that can be customized to suit your organization’s needs.

High Performance Leadership Series – Topics may include:

    • Secrets of Masterful Communication- How to effectively connect with others
    • Performance Management – How to set goals and create accountability
    • Coaching for Success – How to quickly improve team performance
    • Interviewing Skills – How to find the right candidate
    • Managing Conflict in the Workplace
    • Time Management for Busy Managers
    • Engagement, Motivation and Accountability – How to get the most out of your workforce

Leadership Coaching Circle: Managers bring current workplace issues to discuss in a safe environment with guided facilitation by a certified coach. Discussion of pros and cons of various ways to handle workplace and employee issues enables managers to gain skills and confidence that will improve workplace productivity and morale.

Communicating With Style: Led by a certified DiSC facilitator, this powerful program improves work productivity, teamwork and communication. During the workshop participants increase their understanding about how they respond to conflict, what motivates them, how they communicate with others and how they solve problems. This awareness helps to improve teamwork and communication skills.

Top Things Managers Should Never Say or Do – AKA Manager No No’s – This workshop is focused on the manager’s interaction with their teams. Topics include an overview of harassment, interviewing skills, performance management and more. Managers will walk away with tools they can implement immediately.

Creating a Great Work Environment: A Roadmap to Minimize Risk in the Workplace includes topics such as Sexual Harassment – How to Create a Respectful Work Environment; Stop Bullying Before It Stops You; How to Recognize and Deal with Unconscious Bias; Avoiding Discriminatory Language in the Workplace and much more. Case studies are included to create an interactive and practical workshop.

  • Adapt and Thrive: This change management workshop is ideal for groups or individuals that are going through a period of organizational transition.

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Mindy, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the inspirational Managing Conflict in the Workplace Workshop you provided for our managers. You were able to take a difficult topic and keep everyone engaged in the conversation. Your role plays are right on point and each person was able to relate to the situations you provided. Thanks to your workshop our managers have the tools they need to take our organization to the next level. I look forward to the next workshop in the Leadership Series. ~ LM Training Manager

Thank you for your really informative and outstanding Communicating With Style workshop. The group truly enjoyed your talk and learned a lot of information that can easily be applied at home or at the workplace.  I would definitely recommend you to others who want to learn how to communicate better.  Thank you again and again! ~ M.T. President HHJC Sisterhood

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